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The LION'S CASTLE Boutique Hotel consists of two 20th century villas, namely: CASTLE and MODERN, each of them has its authentic design.


The customer and the first owner of the CASTLE Villa was Herman Feldstein, a Jewish banker from Lviv, and later the director of the Zemstvo (Land) Credit Society. A member of Lviv City Council, he was a member of several commissions, namely: the one on debt control, landscaping, supplying and statistical ones. He was active in public life. In 1913-1915, he ruled the Edison Kinetophone cinema, located in the house at the modern-day address: 8 Shevchenko Ave. On November 16, 1903, the Lviv magistrate approved the design of the villa, which was designed by the architect Artur Schleyen.

The construction of the villa was completed the following year. According to Schleyen's project, it was a two-story building in a colourful Neo-Gothic style. In 1910, the villa housed Prytulok (Shelter) Society, which cared for children from Jewish families during the school holidays.

The Secretary of the Society was Herman's wife, Helena Feldstein. During the Soviet period, it was the residence of the First Secretary of the CPU Regional Committee (Melnyk, 2008, 173).

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